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A Work in Progress / re: Gods-> Hoes? Da's GONG-rod!
« on: January 18, 2016, 05:55:18 PM »
Old Powers waken.  :dontknow:
Shadows stir.  :cool01:
An age of Terror and Wonders  :hello2:
will soon be upon us -
an age for Gods and Heroes.  :occasion14:

:dontknow: :cool01: :hello2:  :occasion14:

Off Topic / Speaker in a pickup hole?
« on: May 27, 2015, 11:00:39 PM »
I guess this could go in "Pickups", "The Rig"... "General Discussion", "Hardware"...

It appears to be a small 20"-scale "Grass Roots" Les Paul beginner guitar, they're apparently a ESP offshoot. But instead of the neck pickup they've got a SPEAKER in there. They probably intend it for practice - I can do without the guitar. But if you had a decent speaker in there (or two computer speakers?) and could get enough juice to it, it seems like you could get an infinite sustain thing working. Hmmm. I have a crate full of them little speakers...

Off Topic / Favorite Totally-Retarded Action-Movie Sequence?
« on: May 22, 2015, 07:55:32 PM »
Firstly, I don't mean anything disparaging about the term "retarded", why some of my best friends etc.... And I could actually probably justify including this post here, as I can convince myself that this sort of thing is inevitably-paired with what could best be described as "Totally Retarded Action-Movie Soundtrack Music"; all throbby, howling 'n' stuff; I hope you can make the leap to about 34:50 or so, because you REALLY don't need that first part to flesh out the scene:

In fact I think it's to the point where they write out the action sequences and then make a half-hearted* attempt to hang a plot on 'em, i.e. "Parachuting hot rods?!?! Call Bald Guys & Beaner Girl! The plot's ready!"

*("...hearted" wasn't my first choice of noun.)

Hardware / Just a bunch of guitar junk...
« on: March 31, 2015, 04:53:14 PM »
There's this guy on Ebay who bought out a music store's parts, and has them up on Ebay:

There's knobs, pickguards, pots, tuners etc. Pretty much all Chinese, but some things are nice to have around.

Tips & Tricks / ALL the nut files? REALLY?
« on: March 31, 2015, 04:49:20 PM »
This guy has some very good information on set-ups, guitar builds, and why/who/what kinds of questions. He has a few opinions I disagree with, but that's fine. Here's one about "How to keep a six screw Strat whammy from going out of tune" (My opinion - throw it in the dumpster! It'll never go out of tune again...)  :toothy12:

But right towards the beginning of this one he talks about sizing yer nut's grooves, and (astonishing!) he mentions that you can wrap SANDPAPER over something, size it comparatively with your cheap calipers, and cut a wider groove. I usually use a little shop rule or wrap it right around a NUT FILE - they have these neat-o things called handles. The cheap calipers are good for all sorts of things, when you don't need to know what it measures but it just has to be this big. For me I'd throw in the Optivisors or some sort of magnification, you really can learn to look at the string, look at the groove, and say "hmmm."

Hardware / Hallelujah! Somebody FINALLY fixed the Telecaster bridge!
« on: March 25, 2015, 02:06:16 AM »
Gol-dang, it sure took long enough! Considering that people have been (mostly) playing unwound G strings for half a century or so, and the solution is so ridiculously dead-simple. Yakked about by thousands, accomplished by a neighbor of mine:

If he keeps it up, the kid might amount to something someday.

General Discussion / NGD - a modest li'l country & blues git
« on: March 23, 2015, 10:07:24 AM »
these are still the seller's pix, cause I haven't hardly DONE anything to it yet:

There were a few things that attract, the maple neck-through:

Through my own experience and a few DOZEN guitar stoodrunt's guitars I've seen that Schecter guitars were just about unbeatable in the $400-$800 (or so) range, you MAY luck into a good Epiphone or BC Rich or... something, but the QC on the Schecters was so fine I wanted to see what their sisters at ESP were doing - same ownership, same philosophy, somewhat different models and production lines. And this one has been upped with at least one great pickup, Seymour's unabashed steal of his guru's L500XL -

Although, the stock wiring was supposed to coil-tap both pickups when you pulled up the tone knob - which is sort-of dumb, series-parallel is far more useful and especially when you can do the pickups separately and have separate volumes too. Right now the mixed-PU wiring is a little LOT weird, I just have to think my way through it, I imagine I'll end up with two mini-switches doing series-parallel and a V-V-T arrangement. The case was a selling point, these weird ones, well...
(anybody got a spare Peavey Mystic case?) :toothy11:

As well as the maple neck-through, other attractions were... the country of origin - Vietnam! In ranks of zoom, Japan stands high, some really nice Schecters are Korean, I've seen many other nice Korean gits, the quality of Chinese guitars depends on, ummm, their quality, Indonesia gets iffy, but Vietnam? One way to find out... All the woodwork looks fine to me, as the electronics have been fiddled I can't say, all the alignments and all are spif enough - the original bridge had been "upgraded" with Graphtech saddle inserts, half of which were cracked and wobbly, so I had to drop another $25 on a real bridge (If your bridge saddles munch strings there are better ideas than plastic saddles IMO).

Now I am certain that the three biggest neck chunks are maple; the "mahogany" neck stringers aren't the same wood as the "mahogany" body wings, and the "ebony" top cap and headstock facing aren't the same "ebony" as the "ebony" fingerboard. In fact the fingerboard could well be (reasonably dense) black rosewood and the top is, ummm, ASIAN ebony? Maybe it glues to the "Asian mahogany" better.  :icon_thumright: But you grab the headstock and crank it around and the tuning barely wiggles, and after I did a cursory level/dress'n'polish the frets are now just super. So the initial impression is:
1) Surely adequate-to-fine woodwork;
2) It "plays" really BIG! Not noticeably heavy, just... BIG! Wide, deep etc.
3) It's really, really, really shiny... hello, white plastic steel wool & Micromesh - just for now, heh-heh. :evil4:
4) the headstock is kind-of hideous, just unaccountably UGLEEE. I would not be shocked if somewhere down the road, that gets SAWED off towards normal, all the body edges get rounded off considerably and the SHINY finish get replaced way towards matte-iness.

But it plays fine, and as it's about as completely UNlike anything else around here it's a keeper. I've already had two 'rons tell me it's a "metal" guitar, but I have no idea what they're talking about - it likes blues & Bach as well as anything else I own? There are always mo' rons around than you can shake a stick at. Or an ax.

DIY Finishing / Q: de-shining a shiny git, but non-directional?
« on: March 20, 2015, 01:59:32 AM »
I'll post up a NGD when I've got it up & running, but in the meantime I'm wondering if there's a sneaky way to bring a guitar down from a glaring, shiny finish to a non-directional semi-matte finish that DOESN'T involve first putting a swirly sort of appearance on it and then removing the swirls?  :icon_scratch:


This fellow gets quite a nice burst out of the simple cheap stuff. At the very least, it may remove a bit of the terror inherent in futzing with a $400 board. :headbang:

Off Topic / Machinist's Alert! Handy bits o'metal on Ebay
« on: January 16, 2015, 04:44:57 PM »
I ran across a guy on Ebay with an assortment of scraps or overruns, he's got brass and stainless steel rods in manageable size, aluminum & brass bar stock etc.

Circumventing paying $17 shipping on $8 worth of little bits at Online Metals or Industrial Metal Sales is always a win-win scenario!  :headbang: Who doesn't need a little more rod in their life....

Off Topic / Musical Frequencies - Hoo, Whut n' Whar
« on: January 07, 2015, 05:07:11 PM »
This is kinda neat:

If you wiggle your mouse around excitement abounds. Although I might disagree that "crunch" sounds higher than "whack" - at least around MY house - really understanding and internalizing the fact that the high D note at the 22nd fret of your skinny string isn't even out of "midrange" into "upper mids" is semi-requisite for a non-gibbering conversation with soundmen or dog borfid, trying to record anything that sounds dope. Or is it whack? :icon_scratch:
No, Virginia, "midrange" is not between the 7th and 12th frets. According to the profoundly hoity-toitees, a guitar doesn't even technically have a genuinely treble treble note. Haw Haw! You BET that's why WE won the war.... :icon_thumright:  :occasion14: WooHoo!  :headbang: Crunch THIS, Beeetch, chesthair stomp stomp, rattle etc.

Wiring and Electronics / F-type barrel connectors (cable TV) for audio?
« on: December 06, 2014, 09:55:29 AM »
I found a guy selling large quantities of Belden 8218 cable fairly cheap on Ebay, the same stuff that Bill Lawrence started using with his solderless plug system that was then "borrowed" by his former distributor George L's. It works fine with the Lawrence plugs, but I am going to be wiring up a rack with some of the connections semi-permanent, or at least I don't need the "convenience" of 1/4" jacks and plugs - at any financial level. My interest in the Belden cable was the 20pf per foot rating, not it's solderless plug compatibility. I'll be soldering some 1/4" plugs, but would it make any sense from a reliability and financial standpoint to use the coaxial cable connectors usually found in cable TV rigs wherever I run into a long-term connection? That little thing with the screw collar that you turn onto the wall thing... called an "F-type barrel connector." I've never seen a television hooked up with a 1/4" plug, and the "TV connectors" are cheaper too.

I need to make the leap to a patch bay for ye olde rack, the pluggy-unpluggy-pluggy-unpluggy-pluggy is driving me... insane. So:

I am looking for the cheapest way possible to get or make the highest-quality imaginable patch cords for hooking up the semi-permanent connections on a 1/4" 24-banger Neutrik patch bay. I don't need big robust roll-over-with-mixer-cart 6mm (.255") or larger tactical-armored stuff, 4mm (.155") is fine, and I'm quite able to solder. (I'd like to find a hefty roll of .155" cable anyway {50 ft.}, but not at George L's price!) Two feet, maybe a few pair of three footers, will be the longest run and, happily, extensive shielding from each cable itself is not a big requirement. I know that "cheapest way possible" and "highest-quality imaginable" are somewhat combative bedfellows, conceptwise.... I don't plan to spend more than a dollar a foot for cable, if that's any indication of price range.

I have been told that there is now actually a quite functional brand of the molded cable packs - there are people selling expensive guitar cords with the molded-in Neutrik type connectors - and this IS for some basic, mostly non-flex, non-dicked-with use. But I'm not sure which is which? When you start looking at pricing 20-24 cords, yikes!

Off Topic / Music Go Round: any experiences?
« on: November 26, 2014, 02:56:11 PM »
I was just idly tooling around for no reason (as one will do) and I happened upon them. They seem to take a lot of trade-ins and such. I saw a couple of things that looked like ridiculous bargains, like this:
I've recommended those exact guitars to students in the sub-$500 bracket, and unless there's something grossly wrong (is that BABY POO on the headstock?!?) that's quite a price. A Peavey Fury Bass for $150, perfectly suitable for your next punk rock gig... although a lot of pawnshops have gone way off the mark, we are still in a time where there's just TOO many great guitars! As-if.... :toothy12:

Off Topic / You are now a root->five->root->five bass player. Too!
« on: November 19, 2014, 09:28:45 PM »
Plays bass notes along with your guitar. You can use a Y-cord output to a bass amp too, and it has a lithium battery that charges with a USB port. The samples are pretty neat, watch the video.

it's a neat step in the right direction. $229 - Around about version three, I may interested.

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